2 years later...

Oh, look, it's almost 2 years since my last entry.

Today I have discovered that PHP OpenID seems to work with Livejournal and Yahoo, but doesn't seem to work with Windows Live. At least, not on my server.

Probation Over


Well, I had my 3 month review today... and I still have a job. Huzzah! In fact, they seem more than pleased with me. My salary's gone up as well, which is cool, but still not back at the level I was at before I was made redundant. Still, at least I'm only down £2k, now, rather than £7k like I was in Chorley.


I'm feeling really fat, today. I feel bigger than I felt yesterday. Must be water retention. I'm sure I've heard Karen use that one.


I tried "winter greens", last night. The leaves tasted a bit like spinach, but unlike spinach they didn't go slimy when cooked. I think I'll have them again.

Tea & Coffee

I haven't had any coffee so far this year. Not for any grand plan to give up coffee, but I decided to cut back. I had "tense" headaches for the first two days, which I assume were withdrawal symptoms, but they've passed.

I tend not to enjoy drinking "herbal" or fruit teas. Today, I've had some "Lemon & Ginger" 'tea' which tasted OK. Yesterday I was drinking Rooidos Vanilla, which again was all right. Neither are really, um, my cup of tea, though. I'd prefer some good quality green jasmine tea, but it's so expensive.

I'll probably fall back to coffee soon...

New Year, New Gadget

Happy new year to all my friends!

The Gadget

Yesterday, I received my Suunto t6. Now, I realise this isn't a miracle tool that will make me a good rower, or even a fit one, without good, old-fashioned hard work, but I'm a sucker for a gadget, and the thing that motivates me is feedback. The more instant, the better. So, I hope this device will help me maintain my focus and motivation.

For those that this means anything to, I've entered my activity level as 6. I've left my MaxHR at the calculated 184, since this seems pretty much in line with the maximum I've ever actually seen my heart rate go (183). All other physiological parameters are whatever the software has decided upon, too.

Last Night's Session

Since I'm not on any particular training programme, for last night's inaugural session I decided upon the following:

20 min warm-up, r20, aim at 2:10 pace
5 min rest
4 x 500m, 90" rest
4 minute cool-down following recovery

I wasn't sure where to pace the 500m sprint intervals, since I haven't done a hard 2k in a while. In the end, I decided to aim at 1:46 or so.

The results were as follow:

20' r20 4705m 2:02.6 (max HR ~166)
500m intervals:
1:45.3 r32
1:46.0 r31
1:47.8 r32
1:47.9 r32 (max HR 183)
5' r21 1006m 1:29.1

Avg HR for the session 154. The following is my HR and training effect/EPOC chart for the session:

It's clear to see the 20' warm-up, 5' rest, intervals, then the cool-down. What interested me immediately was the fact that the EPOC increased during my light (1:29 pace) cool down. The part beyond the red dot is where I'd stopped my cool-down, but was still wearing the HRM.

I'm no expert, in fact I know next to nothing about how to interpret this chart yet, but it looks to my novice eyes like an effective session. Taxing, without entering into the over-reaching area. Training Effect 4.8. Someone has since suggested that I increase my Activity Level from 6 to 7, or even 7.5, but I don't think I'm that fit at the moment (7.5 is "Municipal level", whatever that means).

Anyway... cool.

Hi all

Just thought I'd post a quick update, to let you all know I'm still alive. ;) After being made redundant at the end of March, I ended up unemployed for almost 4 months. Then I got a job at a web development agency in Chorley. I was primarily doing PHP stuff there, and the focus of the company was very much technical (we outsourced design, for example).

Anyway, that was OK, but £7k less than I was on before. After about 2 months another job came up. It's at a company called MonsterMob, and is based in Lancaster. It's more money, and I can walk to work in 25 minutes, or cycle in 8 minutes. I only started yesterday, but so far so good...

Redundancy Sucks

I'm being made redundant at the end of March, which is teh suxx0r. Second time it's happened, although the first time involved the whole company going into receivership.

Anyway, I've got 6 weeks to find something before I'm actually unemployed, and then my redundancy payment should cover another month or two.

I've worked from home for the past 4 and a half years, so going back to the daily commute will be quite a shock to the system; not least for Elias who has never known Daddy work anywhere other than at home. Bah, commuting to somewhere like Manchester is going to suck. I hope I find something closer to home.

White people find, black people loot

Here is a photo of "two residents [...] after finding bread and soda from a local grocery store".

Here is a photo of "a young man [...] after looting a grocery store in New Orleans".

The black man is carrying a loaf of bread, while the white woman seems to be holding two. OK, the black guy has a large black sack, but that may be unrelated. Does this look like someone's agenda? I suppose the photos are from different agencies, so possibly submitted by different people and it may not be a deliberate change of wording.

Actually, I'm considering whether she's white. I can't really tell - she looks a bit pale black or Hispanic perhaps. Do Hispanics count as white? Would they 'loot' or 'find'?


Three of the Aussie strike force have been out LBW so far in their first innings, and the tourists were 22-3. I should be happy about that, but it's a shame that such a fantastic series may be soiled with poor decisions.

Ponting got an inside edge, but it was very, very slight and it's unsurprising that the umpire missed it. Martyn's, however, was really quite thick and should have been picked up by a first class umpire. If I'm not mistaken, it was Martyn that was at the end of a very similar decision in the previous test.


Hell, who am I kidding? We're smashing the Aussies! \o/ Hurrah for glued-on bails, too. ;)

'Invite' is not a noun

At the moment, I am very annoyed by people using 'invite' as a noun. "Have you got a Gmail invite?" "Did you get an invite for Sarah's wedding?"

Fuck you in the face!

To invite. Verb. Invitation. Noun.

And that, my friends, is that. Anyone that says different is an ignorant sunvabitch. And I won't stand for any arguments along the lines of "but Americans use it like that." They may well do, but that doesn't make it correct. No, no it doesn't.

Today's rant has been brought to you by the news of Google's launch of Yet Another Instant Messaging Application, or YAIMA.


I recorded myself singing In the Ghetto today. I have a pukka Karaoke backing track too. Shame I'm a rubbish singer. I'd like to audition for The X Factor, just so I'd get on TV and everyone could laugh at me.