Daren (frieda) wrote,

New Year, New Gadget

Happy new year to all my friends!

The Gadget

Yesterday, I received my Suunto t6. Now, I realise this isn't a miracle tool that will make me a good rower, or even a fit one, without good, old-fashioned hard work, but I'm a sucker for a gadget, and the thing that motivates me is feedback. The more instant, the better. So, I hope this device will help me maintain my focus and motivation.

For those that this means anything to, I've entered my activity level as 6. I've left my MaxHR at the calculated 184, since this seems pretty much in line with the maximum I've ever actually seen my heart rate go (183). All other physiological parameters are whatever the software has decided upon, too.

Last Night's Session

Since I'm not on any particular training programme, for last night's inaugural session I decided upon the following:

20 min warm-up, r20, aim at 2:10 pace
5 min rest
4 x 500m, 90" rest
4 minute cool-down following recovery

I wasn't sure where to pace the 500m sprint intervals, since I haven't done a hard 2k in a while. In the end, I decided to aim at 1:46 or so.

The results were as follow:

20' r20 4705m 2:02.6 (max HR ~166)
500m intervals:
1:45.3 r32
1:46.0 r31
1:47.8 r32
1:47.9 r32 (max HR 183)
5' r21 1006m 1:29.1

Avg HR for the session 154. The following is my HR and training effect/EPOC chart for the session:

It's clear to see the 20' warm-up, 5' rest, intervals, then the cool-down. What interested me immediately was the fact that the EPOC increased during my light (1:29 pace) cool down. The part beyond the red dot is where I'd stopped my cool-down, but was still wearing the HRM.

I'm no expert, in fact I know next to nothing about how to interpret this chart yet, but it looks to my novice eyes like an effective session. Taxing, without entering into the over-reaching area. Training Effect 4.8. Someone has since suggested that I increase my Activity Level from 6 to 7, or even 7.5, but I don't think I'm that fit at the moment (7.5 is "Municipal level", whatever that means).

Anyway... cool.

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