Daren (frieda) wrote,

Probation Over


Well, I had my 3 month review today... and I still have a job. Huzzah! In fact, they seem more than pleased with me. My salary's gone up as well, which is cool, but still not back at the level I was at before I was made redundant. Still, at least I'm only down £2k, now, rather than £7k like I was in Chorley.


I'm feeling really fat, today. I feel bigger than I felt yesterday. Must be water retention. I'm sure I've heard Karen use that one.


I tried "winter greens", last night. The leaves tasted a bit like spinach, but unlike spinach they didn't go slimy when cooked. I think I'll have them again.

Tea & Coffee

I haven't had any coffee so far this year. Not for any grand plan to give up coffee, but I decided to cut back. I had "tense" headaches for the first two days, which I assume were withdrawal symptoms, but they've passed.

I tend not to enjoy drinking "herbal" or fruit teas. Today, I've had some "Lemon & Ginger" 'tea' which tasted OK. Yesterday I was drinking Rooidos Vanilla, which again was all right. Neither are really, um, my cup of tea, though. I'd prefer some good quality green jasmine tea, but it's so expensive.

I'll probably fall back to coffee soon...

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